We have released a new coffee for the month of August! Brewing at both The Community Coffee & Nexus Coffee, we have a fully washed coffee from Oaklands Estate, Kenya. This coffee consists of the SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian & K7 varieties. What is interesting about this coffee is that the beans come in the mutated form of peaberries. This means that instead of the usual 2 seeds inside each cherry, the mutation causes the production of a single, round seed. We have generally perceived peaberries to be have more intense flavours, acidity as well as sweetness. This coffee definitely did not disappoint! We really enjoyed its juicy blackcurrant-like acidity, the distinct notes of plums & honeysuckle, its medium-weighted body as well as its juicy mouthfeel. We’re brewing this coffee with an Aeropress at Nexus Coffee, and V60 pour overs as well as a rotating Single Origin Espresso at The Community Coffee. We hope you will able to swing by either shop and enjoy this coffee while it lasts!

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