Ethiopian coffees have always been a favourite of ours. It is incredible to think that all coffees came out of this country and has diversified so much in its form and flavour. So much has also changed (and very quickly too!) how coffees have been sourced from Ethiopia. Up till maybe 7-10 years ago, traceability was limited to only generic regions in Ethiopia such as Sidamo, Jimma etc, but thanks to the incredible work done by the exporters and importers, we can even enjoy the fruits of labour from a single farmer.

The majority of Ethiopian coffees are still produced by smallholder farmers who grow coffees in their backyard, and these farmers typically belong to a co-operative who looks after their remunerations and welfare to ensure that coffee production is still a sustainable effort for these farmers. This particular coffee that you will enjoy comes from the town of Aricha, a name synonymous with floral and delicate coffees! Farmers from around this area supply their cherries to Testi Adorsi Washing Station. Testi Adorsi is a privately-owned wet mill that works closely with certain exporters to increase quality through systematic processes at the washing stations.

In our usual fashion, we’ve roasted this coffee to a single profile, which means you can choose to enjoy this coffee either as a pour over or an espresso. Through both methods, you will enjoy a floral aroma of medium-intensity like jasmine with distinct flavours of nectarine and tangerine. As a pour over, we experience a fruit tea-like mouthfeel that also reminds us of marmalade, whilst on espresso we really enjoy its juicy and smooth body.

This coffee is available at The Community Coffee as both espresso & pour over as well as at Nexus Coffee, which will be brewed through an Aeropress.

If you’d like to read more about this coffee, it is available here.

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