Another month, Another new coffee(s)…

We can’t believe it is already October! 10 months have flown by and we look back in fondness at the incredible coffees we have had the pleasure of sourcing, roasting, brewing & serving. Some coffes have left an indelible impression on us, while others have us wishing we could have had a better job at it. The beautiful thing is, every new coffee gives us an opportunity to roast better, using the data and experience we have accumulated from previous roasts.

This month, we’re excited to be releasing 2 coffees that are incredibly delicious, yet very different in flavour & texture. First off is a fully washed Caturra from La Conchita, Colombia. This farm is owned by Juan David Cordona, who belongs to an informal group of young & progressive producers in Antioquia. Their ambition is to change the way coffees coming out of the region are viewed, which are typically chocolatey and caramel-driven.

Juan David leased this farm from his father, who did not share his progressive outlook. Since then, Juan David has made significant changes to the farm to great effect. His coffees are meticulously hand sorted, before dry fermenting for up to 36 hours. They are then washed, graded and washed again before being dried on drying tables under shade. This particular process has produced a bright & juicy cup, reminding us of yellow fruits, like gooseberry, pineapple & yellow plums. Our cups and brews have also exhibited sweet notes like cane sugar or caramel. We have started brewing this coffee at The Community Coffee on espresso and V60 as well as at Nexus Coffee through the Aeropress.

If you’d like to read more about this coffee, go here.

The 2nd coffee we’re releasing this month is Uraga Bildimoo from Ethiopia! Yes! Another Ethiopian coffee! We can’t help it, we love coffees coming out of Ethiopia for its diversity and spectrum of flavours. This washed lot comes from the Uraga Washing Station which is located above 2000 masl, and the farms are located at even higher altitudes. We won’t say too much about this coffee, except that it is insanely delicious with notes of raspberries, mandarin juice and overall floral complexion. This coffee is also available at both The Community Coffee and Nexus Coffee.

If you’d like to read more about this coffee, go here.

October is a very busy but exciting month for us. We have also secured our new shipment which should arrive early November, we have some -delicious- coffees there, we can’t wait to share with you!

We’re also proud to be co-organising the first ever Singapore Roasters Forum held at Glyph Supply Co on the 12th this month. We will be releasing the coffee that we are sending in for the SRF Roasting Competition, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

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