Singapore Roasters Forum 2019

Over the last week, we participated in the inaugural Singapore Roasters Forum. We co-organized the forum along with our friends from Compound Coffee, Cata Coffee and Glyph Supply Co. We had this idea a year ago, after being continually inspired by the Nordic roasters who have been having a similar event for almost a decade. In June this year, we decided to act upon this inspiration.

The Forum was always going to be industry-focused, compared to most specialty coffee events that have been around. We wanted it to be an inclusive event for coffee professionals, where knowledge, experience and perspective will be shared without any hesitation. The balance was having topics that were appealing to roasters yet approachable enough to the rest of the attendees (we estimated about a 70% barista crowd). We also had decided earlier that the theme to this year’s event was gonna be about the numerous facets of “QUALITY”.

We were very happy with the diversity and level of professionalism that the speakers brought. The speakers were:

  1. Adryll Lin, Mercanta Asia – Quality Through Relationships
  2. Regina Tay, Bearded Bella – Roasting For Competition
  3. Pua Yi Sin, Glyph Supply Co – Introduction to Roasting on the StrongHold Roasters
  4. Will Frith, Building – Improving Quality in Vietnam
  5. Ben Toovey, Genovese Coffee – Quality Control In Your Roastery
  6. Andre Chanco, Morning – Encapsulating Quality

Overall, we were satisfied that the crowd stayed to the end, and they also got to taste all the coffees that were roasted by the competitors of the SRF Roasting Competition. Apartment Coffee took top prize for the “People’s Choice” Award with a washed Paraneima from Finca Paraideli, Honduras.

Another highlight of the Singapore Roasters Forum was the Roasting Competition. The competition was modelled after the Nordic Roasters Forum, where competitors had to roast 2 coffees:

  1. Natural processed mixed variety lot from Finca San Pascual, Colombia sponsored by Mercanta Asia
  2. Washed processed coffee from Central America that is not a Gesha variety

We decided to enter the competition and sourced a washed Lempira variety from Finca LiquidAmbar from Honduras. Overall, we clinched 3rd place in the competition, which was a pleasant surprise! Alchemist Coffee took 2nd place while Apartment Coffee again took 1st place. The standard of roasting in the competition was very close amongst the roasters, which was great.

In our next post, we will share our experience competing in the SRF Roasting Competiton, what we learnt and what we wished we could have done better. We will also share our thought process in roasting the Compulsory and Open coffees! Watch this space!

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