NEXUS COFFEE – New Seasonal Espresso

We love coffees from the Latin America as much as you do and we’re going down south this time. Sourcing out a fine coffee from Colombia grown in the farm known as Veracruz!!

This coffee is grown in a highly complex region that boasts diverse microclimates and singular volcanic soil. Combined with a tradition of excellence and a unique extended fermentation process, we’re stoked to be serving such an amazing coffee loved by many in our community!

This Caturra, grown under such a unique microclimate goes through rigorous picking of ripe cherries across a span of five days, adding each day’s pulped pickings to the fermentation tank. With this method, Pedro, his son, Pedro Jr and the farm’s management are able to maintain the correct ph level while reducing the development of “unwanted” acids and bacteria during processing bringing us a highly complex yet clean cup. A Colombian coffee lover’s dream come true.

That’s not all, a microclimate suitable for coffee growing means an overall cooler temperature leading to challenges during the drying stages and they have successfully employed the use of drying silos, a reliable drying method that keeps the temperature of the beans low while the drying. But, they have yet to rest at that and have begun experimenting with three new methods to push quality to the next level!!!

Tasting like ripe cherries, sweetness of Molasses, ripe juicy orange with a mild sweet brown spice in the finish every sip is a treat!!

This coffee is available exclusively at Nexus Coffee on Espresso so so come by to get a dose of this awe inspiring coffee!

If you’d like to know more about this coffee, you can read it here

New Seasonal Espresso – Finca Veracruz

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