A New Seasonal Espresso to close out the year!

Bigger and Bolder!! Not just the bean size but also the flavours!!

El Salvador coffees have never ceased to please and we’ve pulled out the big guns.

This coffee farm has been passed down four generations and is now owned and managed by Alfredo Pacas and his family: it is one of several small estates that the family owns and manages in this privileged location high in El Salvador’s rich, cool Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range.

Alfredo has since passed this heritage to his two children, Alfredo and Maria. Both having a clear vision for El Retiro’s place in Specialty coffee, they approach their crops with farming techniques mixing the best practises in traditional farming such as; soil and shade management, use of older varietals and method of pruning while applying their modern and cutting edge use of quality control systems. They are able to carry out quality production with data collected to improve each harvest.

Pacamara covering 20% of their farm’s hectarage along with other varieties are all grown under intensive shade. The trees were even selected for their heavy leaf fall providing natural rich mulch that deters undergrowth and fertilises the coffee shrubs.

Under stringent picking, only ripe cherries get picked and are sent to Vivagua, a wet mill owned by the Pacas’ family to be pulped the very same day. Aiming for a semi-washed process, they only soak and ferment the coffee cherries for 2-3 hrs to retain 70% of its mucilage, a sticky sweet membrane found on coffee seeds!

It is the rinsed out and spread onto drying beds. Turned evenly till it reaches 11% moisture before it is bagged and stored in a warehouse before it can be hulled.

Besides taking a huge stance in quality, Cafe Pacas, owner of E Retiro has contributed greatly toward the social causes such as education and sustainability of its workers.

As a finalist in 2006 for the Cup Of Excellence, El Retiro has been certified under ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001-2000, which helps to ensure traceability and further improve quality.

Huge coffee with a huge social cause and Huge in flavours, what reason is there to not enjoy this coffee?

Tasting like Ripe Oranges, Red Apples and Dark Chocolate! Every sip of this coffee is pleasing to not only the palate but also the heart and mind that’s it’s a product of people with such big social causes.

This coffee is available exclusively at Nexus Coffee on Espresso so so come by to get a dose of this awe inspiring coffee!


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