Aquireas Estate, Don Alfonso

We’re excited to source, roast and serve this innovative lot from the town Aquiares in the vibrantly innovative country of Costa Rica.

This farm is owned by the Robelo family since 1971. Being one of the largest and most historic farms that produces quality Arabica coffee, with methods to preserve the natural setting of the stunning terroir, support a community of about 1,800 people and build a modern model of sustainable agriculture.

The Centro-Americano F1 varietal, the first generation of the Experimental Hybrid is high yielding, reasonably resistant to disease with a very good quality potential making it very representative of its origin.

This coffee is naturally processed providing it with intense aromatics, luscious mouthfeel and very intense ripe sweetness. Think Cantaloupe flavour, Ripe Banana sweetness, liquorice aroma with a dense mango juice like mouthfeel transitioning and finishing off like clean red tea.

This coffee is available at The Community Coffee as espresso & V60, as well as Nexus Coffee on Aeropress.

If you’d like to know more about this coffee, you can read it here.

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