Ah, Fresh Crop Brazils!

New year, new coffee!!

Round, sweet and comforting. Does it get any better than getting to this anytime of the day?!

Coffees from Brazil have always been a staple with their Chocolate and nuts flavour note but with improvement in assessment of the coffees, the producers have been in search of improving the quality of their produce.

Fazenda (which means Farm) Passeio is owned by the Vieira Ferreira family for three generations with coffee growing being a specialty of their for three generations.
The variety of this coffee is a 100% Topazio, which is a cross of Red Catuai and Mundo Novo, before being backcrossed with Catuai again. With all of the above a cross or a mutation of the Red Bourbon, it’s no wonder how sweet this coffee is tasting.

Using the Pulped Natural process, a traditional processing method used in Brazil combined with improved assessment of the coffees, the Vieira Ferreira family were able to fine tune the steps in process, farming methods and soil health bringing us this sweet coffee.

Pulped Natural process is a process that falls in between the washed and natural process. It goes through the mechanical pulping machine just as a washed coffee does but skips the wet fermentation and straight to dry on raised beds with the fruity mucilage still partially intact. The coffee seeds absorb aromatic compounds taking on an added complexity to showcase light ripe fruit character.

Fazenda Passeio supports environmental sustainability and has always complied to the guidelines as provided by the Brazilian government. Taking steps to maintain the ecosystem by planting new trees particularly close towards the water sources. Also big on social responsibility, this farm has been able to retain skilled workers and develop the families of the workers providing them with shelter, education and skill set trainings.

Tasting like Ripe Red Cherries, Milk Chocolate and Toasted Hazelnuts! This coffee never fails to send signals to kick back and put a foot up or two and take a quick breather!

This coffee is available exclusively at Nexus Coffee on Espresso so come to the Nex level with us to get some Nexus and Chill!!


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